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we are manufacturer for modular office furniture and office workstation in All Over India, we offer Best Quality office interior commercial furniture and modular workstation services. Krishna office furniture systems have been well known for their good quality in office furniture and office interior, in this office furniture field, KOFS is the best name while you have to stand your office with modular furniture, we are with you. customization, effective space utilization, the cost saves of modular office furniture. In these Days of using big office desks, tables, and other office furniture.

4 Reasons Why You Should Get Modular Furniture

You may have known about Modular Furniture at this point as more people and organizations are going to this sort of furniture to occupy and expand their spaces.

Particular Furniture is a flexible furniture framework with pre-made units that are custom-fitted to the loving of the end client.

In any case, what causes them to pick measured furniture now? We recorded four normal reasons among customers as imparted to us in a meeting with individuals behind ABFrank Modular Furniture, a Davao-based Modular Furniture maker.


One of the disadvantages of the typical furniture is it’s difficult to gather, orchestrate, and move yet with measured furnishings, adaptability is given significance.

“Secluded Office Furniture empowers organizations to have greater flexibility in both workspace and time. Moving and organizing furniture need not be a great deal of work and work,” Modular Furniture’s plan advisor, shared.

For home spaces, particular furniture is likewise awesome, as it permits adaptability in making the sort of room you imagine.

“It is shrewdly intended to be useful and agreeable, you can undoubtedly customize your space to accommodate your plan stylish whether for work,


Modular Furniture is wise speculation particularly for the individuals who are on a strict financial plan however don’t have any desire to think twice about the quality and usefulness of their furnishings.

Square said getting one piece doesn’t simply accompany one reason or capacity, consequently saving the client a great deal of cash.

“It’s anything but a savvy decision, cost-wise since each piece’s capacity is extended making a straightforward office work area to a multifunctional workstation. A kitchen cupboard is not, at this point plain retires however a cunning space for stunning extras, for example, scaled-down pull-out zest racks and cabinet dish plate. It is something beyond accommodation; it’s anything but a wise venture for your homes or workspaces,” he highlighted.


Particular Furniture has the ability to augment the restricted space accessible. It’s anything but a little space to become familiar and effective.


With particular furnishings, you are saving the earth to support people in the future.

are supportable as these are made out of solid materials for life span, normally, produce less waste, and frequently made with reused materials.

“We generally guarantee our customers that our sheets are at the most elevated grade (which is E1 and E0) and safe for insides. This implies our sheets have the least Formaldehyde discharge – the fragrance you smell in new things made of plastic or melamine films,” she said.

With these benefits brought by Modular Furniture, there is no uncertainty why it’s anything but a pattern as a lot of property holders and friends proprietors are after what gives them the best plan arrangements dependent on work.

with in-house inside fashioners and draftsmen who do the arranging, planning, and in the general cycle to guarantee that each piece is top-notch and unmistakably planned by customers’ inclinations and requirements.

Modular office furniture for your workspace The progression of work today is moving towards a more liquid, shared space while associations are as yet working with an unbending straight framework that is equipped towards workstations and gatherings or meeting rooms. With ad-libbed plans and a profoundly measured arrangement of office furniture,

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M/S KOFS Founded in 2009 as a Office Furniture Company, KOFS is one of the fastest growing in office furniture companies in India. We are manufaturing of modular furniture , a wood substitute product which is mainly used for the manufaturing of office workstation, executive table , Storage , wardrobe, computer table, kitchen cabinet etc. And Our More experties in Office chair , executive chair, Md chair, student chair bar chair, cafe chair sofa and etc. The Company has constant quality control policies due to which the brand name of the Company “Krishna furniture ” has been well established in the market. The product has been accepted India level its demand is touching leaps and bounds for its quality, durability, easy handling and low cost.

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